Anyone (including university lecturers, school teachers, graduate and undergraduate students) can submit a proposal for any modality of contribution. In general, each applicant can submit at most two proposals (symposia, workshops, oral presentations, posters) with his/her name as presenting author. All submissions will be peer reviewed. In order to be included in the Conference Programme, at least the presenting author must be registered and have paid the registration fee by March 15th, 2017.

For conference themes, and detailed modalities of submissions, see below.

For a full list of deadlines, see key dates.

All submissions must comply with the following format guidelines:

  • A4 paper (size 21 cm x 29.7 cm);
  • margins set at 2.5 cm top and 2.5 cm bottom, 2 cm left and 2 cm right;
  • 12pt Times New Roman, single space between lines, and 6pt space after paragraphs.

Download here a template with format details for submissions. Please, use this template to write your proposals.

Submit a contribution

Conference themes

  • Textbook research (concepts, issues, methods, directions, etc.)
  • Textbook analysis (characteristics, treatment of contents and/or pedagogy, etc.)
  • Analysis of historical textbooks
  • Textbook use (by teachers, by students, and/or by other parties)
  • Textbooks and student achievement
  • Textbook development (domain/competence analyses, teaching trajectories, task design, format of presenting the “content” to the student, format of presenting the “content” to the teacher (teacher guides)
  • Textbook policies (governmental educational policy about textbooks, distribution, market strategies)
  • Evolution of textbooks in the light of new digital technologies (including integration of ICT tools and innovation, e-textbook)
  • Other disciplines in mathematics textbooks & mathematics in textbooks of other disciplines
  • Other major relevant issues about mathematics textbooks

Modalities of contributions (besides invited lectures)

ICMT 2 will receive contributions, related with the Conference Themes described above, on the following modalities:

  • symposia (2 pages proposal, in English, 180 minutes sessions): submitted until August 15th 2016;
  • workshops (2 pages proposal, in English, 120 minutes sessions): deadline extended to November 30th, 2016;
  • workshops for teachers (2 pages proposal, in Portuguese, 120 minutes sessions): deadline extended to November 30th, 2016;
  • oral presentations (1 page abstract, in English, 30 minutes presentations): deadline extended to November 30th, 2016;
  • poster presentations (1 page abstract, in English): deadline extended to November 30th, 2016.

A symposium is organised by one or more researchers to discuss jointly, based on submitted papers, a specific issue of the thematic spectrum of the conference.

A workshop is a kind of activity that allows participants to work (in small teams) around prepared documents, guided by specific questions.

Note: You can submit abstracts for oral presentations in Symposium A and in Symposium B.


Researchers interested in proposing a symposium must first submit a proposal. Then, submissions for oral presentations within the accepted symposium will be opened. Such submissions will then follow stages 1 and 2, as described below.

See here the abstract of Symposium A.
See here the abstract of Symposium B.

Workshops, oral presentations, and posters

Submissions for workshops, workshop for teachers, oral presentations, and posters will go through two stages:

1. Abstract submission. Applicants will be first invited to submit abstracts. If the abstract is accepted, and at least the presenting author is registered and have paid the registration fee by March 15th, 2017, the contribution will be included for presentation in the Conference Programme, accordingly to the respective modality.

2. Full paper submission. After the Conference, authors of accepted and presented abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper for publications on the electronic Proceedings. In order to submit a full version, the corresponding contributions must fulfil the following conditions:

a. have abstract accepted;
b. at least the presenting author have registered and paid registration fee;
c. have been presented at the Conference.