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The submission of manuscripts for publication in one of the SBM collections should be made eletronically at The manuscript should be in LATEX or AMSTeX format. The author/authoress should inform to which SBM collection and the target audience the submition is and wait for an answer.

The SBM has the commitment of producing and distributing mathematical literature of excellent quality with accessible prices for students and teachers, and invest all resources from its publishing house in benefits to the mathematical community. That is why it is important to be a SBM author.

Mathematical Frontiers Collection

This collection aims to offer high-quality advanced works, related to important subjects for the training of graduate students and researchers, reaching the current knowledge frontiers in every Mathematical area.

Mathematics Professor Collection

This collection is organized in order to cover the contents taught in basic education. It is characterized by the presentation of a critical view of each topic, discussing the teacher’s attitude when teaching and giving suggestions about how to act in classroom. There is also the concern about giving tools to enable teachers demonstrate the importance of what it is being taught, connecting the subjects between itself and its applications.

Applied Mathematics Colletion

The mathematics use is becoming increasingly more fundamental as a tool in several scientific sectors. This collection aims to diffuse and stimulate this use, as well as arouse in students of other areas the will of an accurate training in mathematics, at the same time that stresses the applied aspect.

This collection is a partnership of SBM and SBMAC-Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional.

Undergraduate Research Collection

This books serie is for young students of mathematics and related areas, providing a study material complementary to the existing curriculum. The texts are characterized by its conciseness (150 pages approximately) and by the attractive and challenging contents, approaching modern and classic subjects, applied and theoric aspects. The prerequisites for the reading must be clearly explicited.

SBM University Texts

This collection has as main aim to offer texts capable of establishing in the mathematical literature an appropriate quality standard for the mathematical education in the undergraduate and graduate level.

Special attention is given to university courses of first years such as Calculus (including a pre-calculus level), analytic geometry (and linear algebra), with texts containing proposed and solved exercises, preceded by brief summaries of the theory.

Mathematical Olympiads Collection

The primary aim of this books serie is to offer, to basic education and undergraduate students, teachers and professors, texts devoted to the preparation for mathematics competitions. It should bring attractive and challenging contents, presented in a clear and precise language; on the other hand, it has to be a pleasant reading, leading the reader to surprising discoveries. It is strongly recommended that the topics discussed in each volume are followed by several examples and the proposed exercises bring one or more detailed solutions.

Mathematics Teachers Training Collection: Theory and pratice teaching

This collection is meant to provide teachers an approach in favour of the approximation between the contents of teachers’ training courses and the practices and problems from the basic education classroom, with the support of research results. Therefore, it aims to constitute a works collection with a potential impact on classroom practice.

The Training of Mathematics Teachers Collection: Theory and practice teaching is a partnership of SBM and Brazilian Mathematical Education Society. To get more informations and submit a book proposal to this collection, click here.

Mathematical Collection for Teaching

Since the pioneer Felix Klein’s work, the lack of connection between the mathematics taught in the training courses for teachers and the classroom practice has been widely questioned. This collection is designed to help decrease this gap, offering teachers a careful, wide and profound approach of the mathematical education, with an emphasis on the connection between the Mathematics as a science and the classroom practice in the basic education.

Mathematical History Collection

This collection aims to offer to the brazilian community a dynamic pespective of the Mathematical advance over the years, focused on the genesis and the consolidation of its concepts. It has great classic works that helped shape the way the Mathematics areas were constituted, important reports about episodes of this progress and academic analysis of the Mathematical development and its interactions with other abstract-thinking areas.