How to Buy

The books purchase may be realized through our Virtual Bookstore or our store at the SBM headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

Purchase with discount:

Only SBM members, up to date with the annual fee, have the right to the discount of 25% in the purchase of any book in the virtual bookstore or in the store.

To know how to become a member, click here.

Virtual Bookstore

Through the Virtual Bookstore, it is possible to buy safely. The payment can be made through a bank slip or by the PagSeguro.

Any doubt related to the online puchase, please contact us by the phone (21)2529-5073 or by email at

Public institutions interested in acquiring SBM books, we inform that, since may 2010, we issue exclusivity letter by the Brazilian Chamber of Books (CBL-Câmara Brasileira do Livro) allowing the purchase without a bidding process.