Support Policy

The SBM has supported a large number of events through the following actions:

  1. Sending a conference speaker, usually from the region where the event is held, paying for the travel tickets, whereas the event pays for the conference speaker’s accommodations;
  2. Allowing the event to include the SBM logo in your advertisement, as well as an entity which is supporting it;
  3. Allowing the event to consider itself formally “organized by SBM” for the purpose of soliciting resources to funding agencies;
  4. Formally soliciting resources to funding agencies for the event; and
  5. The presence of a member from the SBM Board of Directors or from the SBM Council in the opening ceremony.

The amount of support comes from a decision of the Board of Directors which is taken at least 2 months before it is granted.

To request such support, the organizers of the event should make a formal solicitation, presenting the general scope of the scientific meeting, the possible guest list and a frame for the program.

The organizers of the events should keep in mind that funding requests to entities like CNPq, CAPES, FINEP and the Research Support Foundation have to be made far in advance, most of the times, in response to a call for proposals. Also, in order to be allowed to use the SBM’s name in such requests, it is necessary that the Board of Directors has already decided about the amount of support for the event, thus the proposal to the SBM should be made right in the beginning of the event organization process.

The requests should be sent in Word or Pdf file attached to the email addressed to the Regional Secretary of the region where the event is going to be held.

Every printed matter or graphical presentation for advertisement of events supported by SBM should bring the SBM logo stamped.

Only meetings carried out by the SBM itself (Biennals and Regional Colloquia) and the SBM participation in the SBPC annual meeting have a differentiated treatment.