Biennial of Mathematics

The Biennial of Mathematics is realized by the Brazilian Mathematical Society in even numbered years, with the following aims: awaken students interest for mathematical research and teaching; disseminate the mathematical knowledge all over the country, providing a broad view of Mathematics and its applications to students, teachers and professors; generate high-quality texts that estimulate the mathematical reading and teaching; promote the interaction between Mathematics and other fields, approaching applications and interdisciplinary questions; estimulate the human resource formation, including teachers and professors; propagate teaching laboratories and new tecnologies in the Mathematics Teaching; promote the interaction between the various branches of the brazilian mathematical community and consolidate the SBM as a reference for students, teachers, professors and Mathematics courses coordinators, as well as for professionals of related areas. The Biennal of Mathematics has a wide target audience, including students of all levels, teachers, professors and researchers of Mathematics and related areas, throughout the national territory.

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Previous Biennials

1a Bienal – UFMG, Belo Horizonte, 14 a 18 de outubro de 2002
2a Bienal – UFBA, Salvador, 25 a 29 outubro de 2004
3a Bienal – UFG, Goiânia, 06 a 10 de novembro  de 2006
4a Bienal – UEM, Maringá, 29 de setembro a 03 dezembro de 2008
5a Bienal – UFPB, João Pessoa, 18 a 22 de outubro de 2010
6a Bienal – UNICAMP, Campinas, 3 a 8 de dezembro de 2012
7a Bienal – UFAL, Maceió, 02 a 06 de novembro 2014
8ª Bienal – Escola Sesc de Ensino Médio – Rio de Janeiro/RJ, 23 a 26 de Abril de 2017