Honorary Members and Benefactors

Honorary members are mathematicians or scientists who have made major contributions for the development of the Brazilian Mathematics. The Honorary Member title is granted taking into consideration the following parameters: Scientific contribution from the researcher and its impact on the mathematics development, the training of new researchers and the roles that they played or play in the Brazilian Mathematics and the positive trademarks that the scientist’s acting left to the Brazilian Mathematics, besides his/her contributions to disseminate it abroad.

Benefactors Members are personalities who have given singular contributions to the Brazilian Mathematical Society. The Benefactor Member title takes into consideration the dimension and exceptionality of these contributions, as well as the impact of the honored scientist’s actions on the scope of the brazilian mathematical community.

Honorary Members

  • Lélio Itapuambyra Gama (elected in June 1972)
  • Omar Catunda (elected in September 1977)
  • Cândido Lima da Silva Dias (elected in June 1979)
  • Abdul Salam (elected in June 1989)
  • S. S. Chern (elected in July 1989)
  • René Thom (elected in July 1989)
  • Leopoldo Nachbin (elected in July 2009, in memoriam)
  • Mauricio Matos Peixoto (elected in July 2009)
  • Jacob Palis Junior (elected in July 2009)
  • Manfredo Perdigão do Carmo (elected in July 2009)
  • Djairo Guedes de Figueiredo (elected in July 2009)
  • Elon Lages Lima (elected in July 2009)
  • César Camacho (elected in July 2011)
  • Harold Rosenberg (elected in July 2011)
  • François Treves (elected in July 2011)
  • Ricardo Mañé (elected in July 2011, in memoriam)
  • Chaim Samuel Hönig (elected in March 2015)
  • Karl-Otto Stöhr (elected in March 2015)
  • Etienne Ghys (elected in March 2015)
  • Jean-Christophe Yoccoz (elected in March 2015)
  • Keti Tenenblat (elected in February 2017)
  • Welington de Melo (elected in February 2017, in memoriam)
  • Hilário Alencar (elected in June 2019)
  • Marcelo Viana (elecetd in June 2019)

Benefactors Members

  •  Lindolpho de Carvalho Dias (elected in March 2015)